«Curved mirror» of conflict: the role of network discussions in representation and dynamics of ethnopolitical conflicts in Russian and abroad. 2016-2020. (Completed in 2020, RSF funding, contract 16-18-10125-П_07.05.2019)


Bodrunova, S.S.

Blekanov, I.S.,

Nugmatullina, K.R.,

Smoliarova, A.S.,

Danilova, Y.S.

Comparative analysis of correlation between stratification by social values, network discussion and political behavior of population of Russia and foreign countries during and after an ethnopolitical conflict.



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Bodrunova S.S., Blekanov I.S., Smoliarova A.S., Litvinenko A.A. Beyond Left and Right: Real-World Political Polarization in Twitter Discussions on Inter-Ethnic Conflicts // Media and Communication, 2019, vol.7, issue 3,119-132


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