The Scientific Forum “Media in contemporary world. Saint Petersburg conference” is the major annual event in SPbU’s School of Journalism & Mass Communications agenda. The Forum is one of the largest platforms for scientific dialogues in the field to communications. It includes:

  • The international experts conference CMSTW
  • The International conference “Strategic Communications in Business and Politics”
  • Permanent sections, dedicated to scientific problems:
    History of communication
    Communication ethics
    Communication aesthetics
    Media linguistics
  • More than ten panel and round table dissuasions on the current issues of communication and media sphere studies
  • ICA Regional Hub.

The Forum is one of the longest running in history among the similar international events. It dates back to 1961, when Leningrad State University hosted the intercollegiate conference dedicated to theoretical and practical issues of journalism. Since then both the name of the conference and the hosting organization have changed, but its goals and principles remain changeless.

The Forum traditionally unites a wide variety of influential scientists in different fields – theory of journalism, communication science, sociology, psychology, history. This provides a comprehensive look at a problem, which consequently allows the worldwide integration of scientifical concepts. The exchange of experience, ideas and study results is the main value of this annual gathering. The participants of The Forum can be both the distinguished leaders of scientific schools and beginner scholars with their fresh view on the fundamental and current matters. Mass media, PR, advertising, state and public organizations also actively participate in discussions. Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism and the National Association of Mass Media Researchers (NAMMR) too participate in The Forum’s sessions.

Each session’s discussion results are being published as collection or series of articles, registered in Russian and International databases open to the public and are actively being cited by experts in the field. The materials of scientific events are a part of the vast publishing activity, which reflects the SPbU’s work in media research and methodology.